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Custom Designed Air Conditioning Unit, Radiator & Baseboard Covers

These beautiful covers are thoughtfully designed and custom-made to the exact dimensions you require. They all feature durable powder-coated finishes to maximize life. We make radiator, heating, and air-conditioning unit covers for commercial and industrial applications and baseboard covers for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Back-Top View Of a Radiator Cover

Side-Top View Of an Open Radiator Cover

Side-Top View Of a Radiator Cover

Heating/Air Conditioning Unit Cover

Our heavy-duty custom heating/air conditioner covers are specially designed for use in hotels, motels, apartments, hospitals, institutions, schools, offices, and other commercial buildings. They include the following features:

  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Construction
  • Removable Front Panel
  • Removable (Steel) Top Insert Discharge Vent
  • Discharge Vent Options
  • Large Color Choice

Baseboard Covers & Radiator Covers

Don't let exposed radiators and baseboards mar the décor of your home, office, business, school, church, hospital, or other institutional building. In addition to being attractive, our covers safeguard people against burns from hot fixtures. They also protect walls and draperies from smudges and soot. Covers are available in white, soft white, antique white, gray, brown, and black. They include the following features:

  • Scientifically Engineered
  • Designed For Maximum Heat Distribution
  • Insulated Top Available On Most Radiator Covers
  • Heavy 16- Or 18-Gauge Steel

How To Order

To place and order for these products, please call us at (201) 828-5716 about sizing and pricing.

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