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How To Measure For A Custom Radiator Enclosure (Cover)

When it comes to ordering radiators you can always give us a call for more information or scroll below for additional sizing information. 


Measure beyond pipes and valves on both ends. Choose a length that gives you enough room for fit and balance.


Measure from the floor to top of the radiator. Add one inch and choose nearest standard height to fit.


Leave ample room both in front and in the back of the radiator. Choose a depth that is larger than the radiator.


Never order a radiator enclosure that is exactly the same size as your radiator, or a smaller size. Make sure the size you order is at least 1 inch longer, 1 inch higher, and 1 inch deeper than your radiator.

NOTE: Please measure carefully, radiator enclosures are not returnable.

How To Measure Example

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